Yoga and Beyond

Not all classes are created equal. A well designed class can give you lasting results. Enhance your everyday life.

What Makes Prajna Special

If you want to put in the time to actually learn the real deal, we are the studio for you. No fads, no hot rooms giving you the illusion of a ‘workout’, nothing to bribe you to come to class, and guys wear their shirts. We teach authentically.  

There are seven ways to train our physical body. Our well-desinged classes include a balance of poses and exercises to train your entire body with the goal of enhancing your everyday life.

Just as important, we must have a healthy mind. Universal Yoga is a complete system of yoga. Prajna teachers are trained in the Universal Yoga system, created by Andrey Lappa.  This complete system has practices designed specifically for all layers of the Self, not just the physical body. 

So even if you are coming to class with the intention of getting a sexy butt, the benefits will be way beyond that with a consistent practice.  

Physical Development:

    • Static Strengthening
    • Dynamic Strengthening
    • Static Endurance
    • Dynamic Endurance
    • Stretching
    • Coordination
    • Reaction Time


    Energetic & Mental Development:

      • Breath Awareness
      • Breath Control
      • Mind Control
      • Concentration
      • Stress-Release
      • Relaxation
      • Confidence
      • Change Negative to Positive
      • Change Positive to Neutral

      Class Description

      group class

      Stability/ Mobility for Everyone

      Practice, practice, practice…we all need to practice. Show up, do the work, and get results. Whether you are 16 or 75, this class is designed to build stability and increase mobility for everyone.

      Anyone can talk about “getting healthier” or “getting in shape” but only those that show up will experience the benefits from class.

      We encourage you to try it. Show up. That’s the first step. And expect the class to be hard, not impossible, but challenging. Easy is not effective. You can stay home and do easy.

      This class is a combination of exercises and poses based off Pilates and Universal Yoga.

      men workout pilates eau claire

      Pilates Apparatus 

      The group apparatus classes at PRAJNA are based on how Joe Pilates taught at his studio. Joe believed students should be in charge of their workouts. They should use their minds and their bodies. So participants in these classes will be given their own customized workout to fit their needs and will do their workout along side others while being supervised by their teacher.


      Instructor approval required!


      Please contact PRAJNA to set up private sessions prior to signing up for group classes. You will be taught how to use the equipment and assessed so we can design a plan appropriate for you.


      Universal Yoga

      There are lot of classes that use “yoga” in their title but aren’t actually yoga. At PRAJNA, we are dedicated to carrying on the tradition of authentic yoga. We want you to feel good physically AND mentally. Life can get busy and often may seem crazy. The Universal Yoga system is perfectly designed to rebalance practitioners guiding them to the ultimate goal of yoga – happiness.

      Universal Yoga is a multi-faceted system of methods that represent all the essential rules and laws of authentic yoga. The Universal Yoga system based on the idea of the mayakoshas (sheaths of the self) that include the physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, intellectual, bliss and karmic layers. The Universal Yoga System teaches the yogic methods that enable any practitioner to create control and balance on each sheath, between the sheaths themselves and between the sheaths of the practitioner and surrounding space (world, environment, other people). There are distinct practices related to each sheath/shell that can be specialized and individuated for any level of practice or any purpose of development.

      The Universal Yoga asana class will be oriented around the idea of creating balance on all of the layers of self (physical, energetic, emotional and mental) using the three main threads of yoga practice: body, breath, and mind. The asanas, vinyasas, breathing techniques and turns on the mat, are creatively integrated while using all major ranges of mobility for arms, legs and spine. The primary goal of practice is not to target the body, but to target one’s concentration, focus and attention; to turn it all inward, creating a serenely stable inner-atmosphere conducive for awareness and personal development.

      This Universal Yoga class is appropriate for beginners and advanced participants. Instructions will be given for all levels.

      Participants who are in good health and do not have any major physical limitations can participate in group classes. (Individuals with health concerns and major physical limitations are encouraged to participate in private sessions.)

      From Our Students

      Thank you for all the extra time showing me first hand how to do some of those sequences. I felt like I was back on the playground!!! You’re an absolutely amazing coach / teacher / motivator.”

      -A. L.

      “At 80, I finally like exercise. Being at the studio is fun and rewarding. Each class includes something new. Thank you for your attention and care.

      -K. S.