“Sheri is one of my favorite all time yoga & Pilates teachers.  She is fun, creative, knowledgeable, motivating and challenging but also knows how & when to offer modifications for those who may need them for various imbalances or injuries. My body, mind and spirit are always “smiling” when I finish a class and/or private session with her!”

-Kim Landry-Ayres, owner of Mission Accomplished  

“I love practicing with Sheri, her classes are always different.  She continually strives to introduce new and challenging poses through her own continuing education.  Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for awhile, she will introduce a pose and demonstrate different levels or add ons to customize to your level while still challenging you, never a one size fits all.  I always leave class feeling refreshed and centered!”


“Sheri is a knowledgeable and talented teacher whose yogic values transcend the mat. She balances each class with a well designed practice that gives all students the opportunity to work their ‘edge’ at their given level.”

-Benji, owner of Chain Reaction Fitness

Finding a teacher such as Sheri has been a life changing experience for me. I came to Sheri with no knowledge of Pilates or Yoga and very little body awareness. I had been a distance runner for 24 years and my body needed some serious lengthening and strengthening. In the past five years I have transformed my body and my over all philosophy of fitness and strength. I created space in my body and I am stronger than ever. I credit Sheri’s knowledge of good alignment and her nurturing yet “you can do this” approach. In a word she’s “amazing.”

-Amelia D., Eau Claire