You Do Have Time to Exercise!

You do have time to exercise! Check out this video and join me for just 4 minutes! This challenge will take you through eight 20 second planks with the option of variations. You can rest in-between each set for 10 seconds or go into a side plank for an extra challenge.  Do as much as you can. Each time you try, you will probably be stronger and can last longer. The timer used is called Tabata Pro and is available at the app store.

Tabata Plank 4 Minute Challenge

Don't Have Time for Exercise?

How many of us have extra time to workout? Do you feel like you are squeezing in your workouts or worse skipping your workouts to get your to-do list done first? I can relate and I teach yoga and pilates! Clients often ask me how often I workout. I usually laugh and say something like, “Not as often as I did before I had kids.” I used to practice yoga for 2+ hours at a time, uninterrupted! Now my yoga or pilates sessions are often done with my kids joining in the fun saying “Look at me mom…MOM!!!! Look at me!” So whether you are a parent at home with your kids or at the office, you can still exercise.

My New Year’s challenge to you is to make time to exercise. It can even be for 4 minutes at a time. Really, that’s not a typo – just 4 minutes can make a difference. The key is to keep it consistent.  My New Year’s challenge to myself is to post some videos for you to use as a guide, so stay tuned!