Sheri Baemmert, E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, RCYT®, RPYT®

img_7664Sheri Baemmert with Guru, Andrey Lappa at Teacher Training in 2016


Hi! My name is Sheri Baemmert and I have been teaching in the wellness environment since 1990 and truly believe I have the best job in the world. People who train with me know me as an intense “play your edge” teacher, but also as a caring one. When you want to challenge yourself I will be there to encourage you, when you need to pull back and ease up I’ll guide you to tune into your body and listen to what it is telling you. My passion for seeing others achieve their goals allows me to teach from the heart. I believe it is important to work your body, mind, and breath as a whole. And you will “Feel the Sunshine” in every session.

After studying and teaching yoga since 1995, I finally found my Guru, Andrey Lappa, the creator of Universal Yoga. After meeting Andrey in 2011, my yoga practice and teaching style has been forever changed. I am now “at home” with Universal Yoga. This complete system of yoga includes all aspects of authentic yoga including: asana, vinyasa, pranayama, bandhas, mudras, mantra, yantra, energy work, studying spiritual texts and so much more. After 1000+ hours of studying under Andrey, I am honored to co-teach teacher trainings with him.

My most recent continuing education trainings have been with the NeuroRehab Studio learning about Pilates for Neurological Conditions. The training specifically focused on techniques for people with conditions like MS, CP, Parkinson’s, and stroke. However, everyone has a brain, spine, and nervous system so I have incorporated the tools into all of my classes and sessions.

I’m also known to be ahead of the game in what ends up being “popular” down the road  ­—from teaching yoga before it was mainstream … to leading pilates sessions before many people could even pronounce it … to being part of Eau Claire’s original belly dancing troupe, Peanut Butter and Gypsy — so don’t wait, sign up for class with me today and see what’s in store for you.

Here’s a little story about how it all started… 

I started my career teaching aerobics to pre-season basketball teams while still in high school. My dad told me it was a ‘waste of time,’ as I spent more money on gas driving back and forth to get my certification than I made teaching the classes. But I loved helping people get in shape, so I stuck with it. When I got to college, I auditioned and was instantly hired to be one of the aerobic instructors who got to teach in a gym full of 200+ participants, including the college baseball team on occasion (yes, picture a gym full of ladies who want to be there and a team of guys who don’t but their coach makes them.) I also taught at two local gyms while earning a degree in Graphic Design. Let’s take a commercial break and hear what my professor said in regards to my design projects, “Sheri all of your designs should not be based on the fitness industry, you’ll never make a living.”

After graduation, I moved back to Eau Claire and started teaching at a local gym. The director asked if I’d be interested in teaching yoga in addition to the kickboxing, cycling, step, funk, floor aerobics and weights. At the time, I thought yoga was just stretching — how hard could it be to teach?  And this is were the shift all began. I went to some yoga classes to see what it was all about. The first one about drove me nuts as it was a very basic, gentle class (yes, I’m a recovering type A). In that class we did finger exercises and pretended to lift and lower a box. I went to another one and realized I had incredibly stiff muscles and wasn’t so sure yoga was for me — ouch! After buying many books and videos and traveling around to find classes, I decided to jump right in and teach. Not something I’d recommend to anyone now, more experience before teaching is important, but let’s remember in 1995 there were not a lot of yoga classes in the Midwest. The amazing thing about this “yoga stuff” was that my back pain went away. (Yes, I had extreme back pain in my 20’s. The kind of pain that would send me to my knees. I went to a doctor only to have him tell me nothing was wrong. Looking back it was due to sitting too long at a computer, the pounding from the aerobic classes, lack of stretching, anteriorly tilting my hips when standing and of course wearing high heels.) Yoga relieved my back pain.

I remember my first yoga certification in Chicago. It was there that I realized how much I didn’t know and decided to commit myself to learning as much as I could about yoga. Since then I have studied with many world renowned instructors, but it wasn’t until I met Andrey Lappa, founder of Universal Yoga, that I truly understood what authentic yoga was all about. I have received my certification in Level 1, 2, & 3 Universal Yoga from Andrey Lappa.

I’ve completed my Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner training and certification level 1 & 2 to enhance the yoga assists I give during class as well as offering individual thai yoga sessions.

I was introduced to pilates at a conference and fell in love with the work. Pilates enhanced my yoga practice by helping me truly understand my core. I became a certified pilates instructor through The PhysicalMind® Institute, trained to teach on the apparatus’ (equipment) including the universal reformer, cadillac (trapeze table), wunda chair, ladder barrel — plus the matwork and standing pilates series. I’ve been teaching pilates since 2002.

The studio was born…

After I finished my pilates apparatus certification there were no studios or gyms in Eau Claire that had (or were willing to invest) in the equipment. I was fascinated with the benefits of the pilates method and wanted to share the apparatus work with others. Thanks to the support and encouragement from my wonderful husband, Dan, I bought the equipment and opened Pilates Yoga and Beyond. Then in 2016, the studio blossomed to a new, bigger location in downtown Eau Claire and the names changes to PRAJNA which means ‘wisdom’.

I consider my clients part of the family and hope everyone who comes feels a sense of community. Many clients have been around to welcome my two children into the world.  Now Dylan and Grace welcome clients as part of our family, too, and are always willing to share creative new poses with everyone.  So, welcome to the family, I hope to see you at the studio soon!