PRAJNA Yoga Teacher Training

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The PRAJNA 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program is the first step to becoming a certified yoga teacher. This program is taught by Sheri Baemmert and assisted by Tracy Adkins and Amelia Daniels. This training is a preparatory training for the Universal Yoga Teacher Training program created by Andrey Lappa.

Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion from PRAJNA and will be qualified to apply to the Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level (RYT-200). 

This course will be taught in four separate modules. The first 3 modules can be taken at any time, meaning you do not have to take them in order, although it is recommended to take them in order.  It is required that students successfully complete the first three modules before taking part in the fourth module as this last module is practicum based.

Having the training set up in modules gives the student greater flexibility in successfully completing the full training at their own pace. Some students might finish the whole program in one year, while other students may take a few years to complete depending on their other life commitments.

The goal of this program is to give the students an overall understanding of authentic yoga.  For those wanting to teach others, completing this program will prepare them to begin teaching group classes and private sessions. 

Students are required to attend all scheduled lectures, classes, practice, complete homework, and make-up any missed sessions through one-on-one mentoring with one of the faculty members at the student’s own expense. Students will be given homework assignments throughout the program. Students are expected to complete the homework before the next session (Pass/Needs More Refinement). Teacher will check progress of students understanding of concepts weekly during classes, practice, and lecture discussions. Teacher will observe students throughout program and will verbally notify them is they “Need More Refinement” in their homework or personal practice.

PRAJNA 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

Module 1: TBA

Module 2: TBA

Module 3:TBA

Module 4: TBA

Exam: TBA

Exact times subject to change. Dates potentially could be altered to accomodate schedules.