Pilates Apparatus Training Program

Part 1:

Pilates Apparatus Teacher Training Program – Part 1 (300 Hours)

This comprehensive program is designed to teach the key concepts of Pilates. Participants will learn a full program for the Reformer, Cadillac (trapeze table), Chair, Ladder Barrel, and matwork. Along with why to choose one apparatus over another in various circumstances. Participants will learn how to utilize Pilates to work with modern people and the adjustments for different lifestyles and populations. This course will also discuss how to teach, not just what to teach. The goal is for participants who complete the program to have the tools to teach successfully.

For individuals wanting to learn how to use the apparatus for home use, but don’t want to teach others, this would be a good fit. Anyone can purchase Pilates equipment, but just because one has the equipment doesn’t mean they are practicing Pilates. There is a difference between Pilates and just plain exercises. This program will point out how to turn exercise into Pilates.

Program Dates:


Lectures held every week. Observation, self practice and practice teaching hours scheduled separately each week.

Syllabus (subject to change as teacher sees fit):

  • Pilates History: Who is Joseph Pilates, how has Pilates changed over the years
  • Pilates Fundamentals: understanding and teaching
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Reformer exercises including what the exercises are, how to spot, cueing, transitions, touch techniques, rhythms, how to adjust equipment, how to check equipment for safety, how to change springs
  • Reformer Add-ons to keep students interested and progressing
  • Group Reformer and Chair Teaching, how is it different that private sessions, how to keep students safe, how to decide if someone is ready for group classes, how to teach to different levels of students
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Cadillac exercises including what the exercises are, how to spot, cueing, transitions, touch techniques, rhythms, how to adjust equipment, how to check equipment for safety, how to change springs
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Chair Exercises including what the exercises are, how to spot, how to adjust equipment, how to check equipment for safety, how to change springs
  • Beginner, Intermediate Small Barrel and Ladder Barrel exercises including what the exercises are, how to spot, cueing, transitions, touch techniques, rhythms, how to adjust equipment, how to check equipment for safety, how to change springs
  • Alignment in different body positions and common errors
  • Anatomy: bones, muscles, joints, fascia in relation to the Pilates repertoire
  • Fascia: the fabric of the body, how Pilates exercises incorporate the whole body
  • Reading Bodies, understanding how to plan a session based on a clients needs
  • Essay Assignments (given during lectures.)
  • Observation: observe how a teacher teaches a session or group class, observe cueing, techniques, how session is organized, what is done for a warm-up, main body of session and cool-down, how does teacher communicate with different personalities
  • Practice Teaching: practice teaching the exercises given during lectures, only teach the exercises you are familiar with, start out by teaching to participants in good physical health
  • Self Practice: practice the exercises given during lectures, familiarize yourself with the modifications and variations, feel what it is like if equipment is not set up to size of student, observe your own progress in the exercises
  • Technique and Teaching Feedback: teacher will offer guidance to continue progressing student to teach safely and effectively, giving corrections as needed
  • Assessments:
    • Theoretical Exam (written)
    • Technique Assessment
    • Teaching Assessment

Breakdown of Part 1 Program Hours (300 Hours):

  • Lectures (see scheduled dates) ~ 52 Hours
  • Observation (scheduled with teacher) 50 Hours
  • Practice Teaching (participants schedule when studio is open) 60 Hours
  • Practicum (participants schedule when studio is open) 75 Hours
  • Homework (assigned weekly) 48 Hours
  • Private or Group Classes (additional fee per studio rates) 15 Hours

Breakdown of Part 2 Program Hours (150 Hours):

  • Internship Teaching 110 Hours
  • Lectures/Q&A 20 Hours
  • Homework 16 Hours
  • Exam (additional fee – scheduled with teacher) 4 Hours

Total Hours For Part 1 and 2:  450 Hours

There will be additional homework assignments throughout the training.


Sheri Baemmert, E-RYT® 500, RCYT®, RPYT®, YACEP®, PMA®-CPT,
Certified Pilates Teacher PhysicalMind Institute

Sheri Baemmert is the owner and senior yoga and Pilates teacher at PRAJNA. She has been teaching wellness classes in 1990, yoga in 1995, and Pilates since 2001. She trained with many world renowned teachers over the years but found her Guru, Andrey Lappa, in 2011. Sheri has been studying extensively with him to learn the full Universal Yoga system. She has completed 700+ hours of Universal Yoga trainings including multiple rounds of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, and workshops. Sheri is honored that she will be assisting Andrey during this training and is dedicated to spreading the wealth of knowledge contained in this authentic yoga system.  Sheri holds the highest qualification possible with Yoga Alliance, E-RYT® 500, RCYT®, RPYT®, YACEP®. Sheri is a certified Pilates teacher through The PhysicalMind Institute and she is PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher. Her Pilates training includes all of the apparatus, mat and standing Pilates. Sheri is also trained in Thai Yoga Bodywork.


This course is suitable for all dedicated students, aspiring Pilates teachers, and current teachers seeking additional training. This program is very demanding, both emotionally and physically. Commitment, determination and good health are basic requisites. Students must be prepared to make personal sacrifices in order to achieve 100% course attendance.

Students seeking teacher certificate must:

  • Have a minimum of one year of pilates or similar experience.
  • A minimum of two months of Pilates apparatus experience (recommended).
  • Have a passion to learn and to explore the deeper dimensions of Pilates.
  • Be free of major injuries going into the program (students with minor but recurring injuries must inform the teacher of their condition).
  • Be fully committed to 100% attendance.


  • Part 1: $3000
  • Part 2: $500 (Start date TBA)
  • $300 deposit reserves your spot.
  • Exam Fee for Certificate: $200
  • Recommended reading will be emailed upon registration.


Please email sheri@baemmert.com to apply. You will be notified by email within 5 days of approval along with payment procedures and further details.

Minimum Students

This program requires a minimum of 4 students.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

  • See catalog for full details.

The Teacher Training Program will be held at PRAJNA, 705 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire, WI 54701