New to Studio?

Welcome. Thank you for your interest in PRAJNA – pilates | yoga | beyond. I know there are a lot of choices out there for classes and it may be a tough choice where to go, especially if you are new to yoga or pilates and aren’t sure what to look for. So here’s a little bit about my studio. Click here for a virtual tour.

PRAJNA offers a variety of group classes and individual sessions to assist participants on their wellness journey. Located in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin, this studio offers a warm and inviting atmosphere to welcome individuals interested in yoga, pilates, thai yoga and general wellness. The goal of PRAJNA is to offer high-quality instruction to people interested in increasing flexibility, balance, coordination,strength and releasing stress, tension and blocked energy.

Our bodies are the most amazing piece of equipment we’ll ever own. You don’t have to BE FLEXIBLE to participate.

You don’t have to BE STRONG to participate – that all comes with a consistent practice. You just need to have an open mind and be willing to let your body do what it can. Your teacher, Sheri Baemmert, RYT, is certified in pilates, thai yoga, yoga and has been teaching since 1990. She will guide you on your journey to wellness whether you are an experienced fitness participant or brand new to the exercise world.

Let today be the day you start having more energy, more strength, more flexibility and look forward to exercising both body and mind. I really appreciate you giving my studio a chance and believe once you come and take a class with me, you’ll be glad you did.

Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions regarding the studio. If your question doesn’t get answered here, just text or give me a call at 715-577-5502 or send an email. I check texts throughout the day. I’ll respond to phone messages and emails as soon as I can. Download a Registration Form and bring it to your first session/class.


Sheri Baemmert, owner
PRAJNA pilates | yoga | beyond

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you crank up the heat?

No. We believe using external heat is actually harmful for people. Your organs all have different needs, external heat does not allow for the body to create its own heat. We focus on heating the body up from the inside with intelligent sequencing and breathing techniques. This method has a more long-term and balancing effect. If you want to know how “hot yoga” became so popular and the misinformation that is being falsely advertised to people, stop by the studio and ask us.

What is yoga/pilates studio etiquette?

  • Please arrive to class on time. If you arrive late, please join the class quietly. Download a Registration Form and bring it to your first session/class or oil one out when you arrive.
  • Remove shoes before entering.
  • Turn off all hand held devices upon entering the studio. Two conditions that are exceptions to the rule: a child that is ill or you’re on call in the ER.
  • Please share any injuries or special health conditions with your instructor so that she can best assist you in your practice.
  • Please come to class clean and odor neutral (no heavy scents, perfumes, smoke smell or otherwise).
  • Come to class with an empty stomach. Twisting and other poses aren’t comfortable if you are full.
  • Feel free to ask questions and always let us know if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your practice.
  • Bring only sealable beverage containers in the studio is you must drink water. We encourage you NOT to drink during class as it creates a negative effect during practice. Please drink before and after class, though. Water is very important.
  • You must be able to float into a headstand before entering any class. This last statement is false … just wanted to make sure you were really paying attention to what you were reading.

Where to I park?

You can park in front of the building. There is street parking available (2 hour time limit) and after 5pm and on weekends the parking lot across the street is free. During snow days, please remember the odd/even 72 hour parking rule.

What should I wear?

Yoga is typically practiced in bare feet, but you may wear socks if you choose. Socks are appropriate for most pilates exercises, but bare feet or socks with traction work nice. Please wear comfortable workout clothes like stretchy pants and comfortable shirt/tank. Jeans or pants with a belt are not recommended. Baggy shirts can end up in your face when you bend over so shirts that are more form fitted are best. If you wear baggy shorts, please wear something underneath like spandex. (When you are upside down or lift your legs, you want everything to stay covered.)

Can I just drop in for one class?

Yes. Just purchase a single drop-in class.

Are there changing rooms?

Yes. There are bathrooms and a changing area at the studio. Space is limited so changing before coming to class is a good option, too. There are lockers in the bathroom/changiing area – please bring your own paddle lock.

What if I have had surgery, past injury or health concerns?

If you have been recently injured or are being treated for a health condition, you should get the approval of your primary care physician or physical therapist before approaching the practice of yoga or pilates. Keep in mind that there are contraindications for certain exercises. It is best to discuss any concerns you have with your teacher prior to class so appropriate modifications can be made. If you are uncertain group class is appropriate for you, please email Sheri at to discuss private session.

Common sense guidelines:

  • If it hurts, don’t do it.
  • Honor your limitations.
  • Respect the signals your body is giving you and deepen your listening skills in regard to those signals.

What if I’m pregnant?

Usually beginning a new physical exercise after becoming pregnant is not recommended. If you are healthy and have had a regular exercise routine before you were pregnant, ask your doctor if beginning a yoga or pilates practice is right for you.

Sheri has taught many pregnant women in group classes including practicing yoga right up until the day her children were born. But, all of the participants were seasoned practitioners or the ones who started right away in their first trimester where exercising in some form prior to starting. We do not recommend group class if anyone who is pregnant but not accustomed to exercise.

Should I take group classes or private sessions?

All group classes are mixed levels and mixed ages. There will be a lot of options offered for modifications. Please utilize the modifications and do not feel like you have to compete with anyone else in the room. Remember, we all start as beginners. If you have major limitations, private sessions might be your best option to start out. You need to be able to sit, stand, kneel and lay on your back to participate in group class. If you are restricted with any of those positions, contact Sheri for private sessions as the pilates apparatus (equipment) can offer a lot of modifications. For example not being able to get down to/up from the floor.

Do I need my own mat to group class?

It is best if you bring your own mat to group class as your mat will become a “friend” and your sweat and tears will make it stickier so you don’t slip and slide on it. However, there are mats at the studio to use if you need one.

New mats come with a film on them so be sure to wash it with a little dish soap and lots of water. You can even scrub it with sea salt to wear off the film before coming to class. Other props like blocks and straps are all provided for you.

If you are coming for a private session, all of the equipment is provided for you.

Will I sweat?

If you tend to sweat during exercise generally, you may want to bring a small hand towel with you. I had someone tell me that they sweat more in yoga than running a marathon. And I also have people say they don’t sweat at all in class. Everyone is different.