Amelia Daniels, RYT 200


My name is Amelia Daniels and I am so excited to be teaching beside my mentor and friend Sheri Baemmert. In June of 2009, after seeking out a teacher and finding the amazing Sheri, I stepped on to a yoga mat for the very first time. Sheri has been stuck with me ever since! She can tell you it was NOT love at first down dog that I had for yoga! It was more like dread and discomfort; but slowly that dread and discomfort transformed to total love and respect for this age old practice. In time I was able to connect with my body in a new way and to find spaciousness in both my body and my mind.

I have always been a self proclaimed fitness enthusiast and yoga was simply going to be a summer activity while I took a much needed break from long distance running. What I realized is that yoga was much more than my summer fitness activity. I have, blissfully, come to experience it as a coming together of my body, my breath and my prajna (inner wisdom); a continuos life long practice.

In 2012 I sought to deepen my knowledge and love for yoga so I enrolled in the Yoga Center of Minneapolis’s Teacher Training Program, graduating in January 2013.
My teaching influences include countless hours as student with Sheri absorbing her knowledge of the Universal Yoga system. My internal practice of meditation and pranayama have been largely influence through workshops, trainings and retreats with Gary Kraftsow. My inner practice is where I have found the most peace and connection to what I call Divine Spirit. This connection has led me to experience more self acceptance and more inner peace which I hope to help others find in themselves through teaching.

My passion outside of yoga is first and foremost my family: my husband Rick, our four kids and our Australian Labordoodle Murphy. I kill plants (well, not intentionally) but I somehow manage to feed, water, counsel and nurture this special tribe of people. Other passions include the country of Guatemala, it’s people and yearly mission trips there. I have a fervor for travel and nature. My bedside table, book shelves and phone are brimming with books, audio books, and pod casts about spiritual transformation, yoga, memoirs and meditation.
I am honored to spend time with the Prajna community both teaching and practicing with you. I hope we can cultivate our inner wisdom “Prajna” together and support one another both on the yoga mat and off.