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With over 32 years of teaching experience, Prajna is the premier studio in the Chippewa Valley. We offer Pilates and Yoga for all ages and abilities.

Teaching Wellness Classes  
Since 1995

Prajna is excited to bringing fitness to all ages and levels. We have dedicated our lives to educating ourselves to become the most highly trained teachers. You are in good hands. Welcome to the Prajna family. 


Our Story

Sheri Baemmert created Prajna studio and teaching school to bring the best combination of Pilates and Yoga to our amazing community. After many years teaching from a home studio, the time was right to grow and bring in more top notch teachers along with the addition of a lot more equipment.

Today, Prajna is able to offer sessions and classes for everyone… young, old, athletes, weekend warriors, surgery recovery, neurological conditions, and everyone in between. 


Our Mission

To guide students in the unification, balance and control of their body, breath and mind through the teachings of authentic yoga and Pilates as a science that continues to evolve so everyone has the opportunity to reach the ultimate goal—happiness.

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Our Vision

To allow those who walk through our door the opportunity
to realize how special they truly are and to encourage them to show up and to the work . What we practice enhances how we choose to live.


Happy Students


After a “small stroke” that took all muscle tone and strength from my left arm and leg, I struggled with the Stability/Mobility classes twice a week.  Slowly but surely over the last two years, my strength and limb control has returned.   Adding the reformer class has given me back 85%- 90% use of my left side.  Now with private lessons with Cassie, I continue to improve.

It is not easy but with Sheri and Cassie’s encouragement and a few strategic “kicks in the butt”, each month yields added results.

- Lucretia


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Eau Claire, WI 54703

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